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Dungeons & Dragons New Version Going To Release

Dungeons & Dragon
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Dungeons & Dragons: 2000

Dungeons & Dragons is a film series, which is an adaption of the role-playing game that goes by the same name. Till now, Dungeons & Dragons has three films to its name and one cartoon series. The first movie in this series released in 2000. The film received widespread criticism and panned by the audience; It was a big critical and commercial failure. The film received backlash from critics for its sloppy direction, horrible screenplay, and poor performances.

Dungeons & Dragon
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Dungeons & Dragons: 2005

Bruce Payne is the only actor who returns to the series from the first installment. This film also received poor reviews and was no different from the first installment. The film failed at the box office, but the series did not end there. Gerry Lively and Courtney Solomon were the director and producer of the film, respectively.

Dungeons & Dragons 3: The Book of Vile Darkness

It can be called a brave effort to come up with a third installment even when the first two parts of the movie were a big box office dud and were significant critical failures. The third part was called Dungeons & Dragons 3: The Book of Vile Darkness and released in 2011. This time the film did not hit the theatres and was released Direct-to-DVD. The director of the film was retained from the second installment, although Steve Richards was the producer this time.

Dungeons & Dragon
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Dungeons & Dragon: 2022

Even though the film does not have any big fans, the game has received cult status and has a huge fan following. These fans would be excited to know that a new version of the film will be released in 2022. This will not be a continuation but an entire reboot of the series. The talks for this film started in 2015 when Warner Bros began to with the idea. Paramount Pictures later took it up. The film went through the whole process of writing and rewriting. The script of the film is ready even though the production work has not started yet.

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