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Dwayne Johnson aka, The Rock Most Followed American Man on Instagram

The Rock
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Dwayne Johnson, aka, The Rock Most Followed American Man on Instagram: The officials have already declared The Rock as the most followed American man on Instagram. To know how the wrestler turned actor gained such a vast following continue reading.

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The Rock Enormous Fan Following On Instagram

When it comes to maintaining his account and fans, Johnson keeps them entertained and engagedβ€”as a result, posting compelling content revolving around entertainment, fitness, and other personal and professional projects. Guess the robust social media activity has paid off for the actor.

Dwayne Johnson aka., The Rock Most Followed American Man on Instagram
Source: essentially sports.com

Also, according to Deadline, The Rock has passed the 200 million followers mark on Instagram. As a result, the news outlets noted that the actor had passed the milestone, becoming the most followed American man on Instagram.

The words ‘American’ and ‘man’ play a significant role in the statements, because soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal tops the worldwide Instagram rankings with 238 million followers. Also, the American female pop sensation Ariana Grande boasts 203 million Instagram followers.


Even though the achievement of Johnson, is not such a small thing. He has build 200 million-plus following, with his impressive feat. Besides, it took years of creative work, business savvy, diverse ventures, and strong personal branding by the star.

How Dwayne Johnson Build His Followers?

Johnson, started building his stardom by being the face of the pro wrestler. In addition, Johnson settled on the moniker of The Rock, becoming a bona fide legend in the WWE, formerly known as the WWF. This is also the name that the star is quite famous for.

But after achieving success within the wrestling world, he aimed for a different kind of stardom. Guess, his whole wrestling career was just a start-up for his acting career.

He hit the movies, with his first big-budget motion pictures like The Mummy Returns in 2001 and The Scorpion King in 2002. Besides, he played the character of Scorpion King in both the movies.

Since then there has been no going back for the actor, acting in superhit action blockbusters, including several movies in the Fast & Furious franchise.

He even showed his versatile acting, with his impeccable comedic timing in films such as Baywatch, Jumanji, Central Intelligence, and the animated Disney feature, Moana.

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