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EA Announces Skate 4! Latest Release And Announcement Updates

Skate 4 Is Finally Coming
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EA Announces Skate 4!:Β The Skate video game series is making a comeback! We all have played the Skate game series since childhood. It is one of the best video games to be made by EA ( Electronic Arts ).

The Skate franchise is a single-player game of extreme sports. As you have guessed it from the name, the Skate franchise is all about relying on thorough physics to model the skateboarders’ movements.

The skateboarding game franchise is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and even mobile phones. There have been three games- Skate (2007), Skate 2 (2009) and Skate 3 (2010). Additionally, Skate it (2008), a spin-off was developed for Wii, Nintendo, DS and iOS platforms.

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Now, with the announcement of Skate 4, let us dig into the details.

Skate 4: Announcement Details

It seems that we all are going back to our childhood days! There is an advent of classic games making a comeback since the last month and, we are not disappointed with Skate 4 coming back!

We all have waited for a long time for the fourth instalment of Skate and, we are finally getting what we deserve! After ten years, EA developments have announced the revival of Skate 4.

Man Riding A Skateboard
Source: GameSpot

Game Director Dean Chung and Creative Director Chris Parry revealed it during EA Play Live 2020. You can check the video here!

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“We are back we’re doing it! Skate’s happening we’re rolling,” said Parry”.

Skate 4: Estimated Release Date And Rolling Platform

During the EA Live event, Dean Chung and Chris Parry just told us about the new game. They have not yet given us the release date. Regardless, we expect the game to release sometime in 2021 or 2020.
Considering that the game is in the early stages, it will take a long time. As far as the rolling platform is concerned, we feel, the game will release on wither next-gen PS 5 or Xbox.

Skate 4: Other Details

Since the game is in the early stages, we are expecting it to surpass the previous instalments. Beyond whatever Chung and Parry discussed, we don’t have any other news.

At this early stage, we are unsure if the fourth instalment of the Skate series is Skate 4. They have not provided us with any details regarding the name of this project.

So we better call it the untitled Skate game! Stay tuned to find out more!



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