EA SPORTS Showcased Madden 21 On PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X!

Madden 21

Madden 21: EA Sports showcased a glimpse of what to expect from this year’s FIFA and Madden 21 games on the next-gen console. Sony has just released the PS 5 console. On June 18, EA Sports revealed Madden NFL 21’s new version on both PS 5 and Xbox Series X. This expected to increase the graphic quality, decreasing loading time and much smoother gameplay.

Madden 21 Premiered Video: Details

The event took place on June 18 at 12 pm UK time. The video teaser premiered in the event does not have much gameplay demonstration. But it has some game replay camera angles rather than normal play. It also has impressive video visuals from the inside of the game. That includes incredible details of players faces, stunning sweat effects. At last, we saw a brief shot of Tom Brady from behind in his new Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey.

Madden 21

Madden 21: “Feel Next Level”

EA Sports created a new website “Feel Next Level” to talk about the updates of new next-gen games. The latest PS 5 and Xbox Series One DualSense controller will help players to ‘feel the next level.’ It will have the “impact of shots, passes, catches, kicks, tackles, and hits with immersive controller haptics.”

EA confirmed it would “never lose focus as the stadium environment will load with unprecedented speed. Letting you get to kick-off in a few seconds.” Also, it will have “ultra-realistic” graphics for players models and in the other parts of stadiums.

Madden 21

There will be real-life athlete data in the added NFL 21. Additionally, there will be weather elements such as snow; rain features improved in the game. The cloths of the players will change according to the weather condition. The released image of Tom Brady from back in the rain looks exceptionally impressive.

There are improvements in player physical appearance. Dynamic lights are included in the game to make the faces, hair and uniforms look better in the game. Specialized sounds added in it to ‘wrap around you for an immersive, unforgettable experience.

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