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Earth Observation Satellite: China Launch Earth Observation Satellite !

Earth Observation System.
Source: China Daily

China Launch Earth Observation Satellite

China Launch Earth Observation Satellite: China on Wednesday launched an earth observation satellite. The satellite is a part of the Gaofen-9 series. Moreover, the satellite was carried by a rocket called Long March 2D. The launch took place at 3:19 a.m. EDT. The satellite is part of the China High-Resolution Earth Observation System. The launch of the rocket took place at the Jiuquan space base in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region located in north-western China. The main contractor CASC was quick to confirm the success of the launch within 30 minutes. The launch also carried two other small satellites.

Earth Observation System.
Source: China Daily

Why Did China Launch Earth Observation Satellite?

The earth observation satellite has launched a part of China High-Resolution Earth Observation System (CHEOS). The objective behind CHEOS is to launch a series of satellites that will help with β€˜real-time, all-weather global Earth observation data for disaster prevention and emergency response.’ Moreover, this means that the series of satellites will be used to monitor the weather and climate changes. This will help in increasing the accuracy of predicting natural disasters. More predictions that are accurate will help in decreasing the economic as well as physical damage from these disasters. China plans to launch more satellites until 2025 for the same purpose.

Other Satellites Launched By China For Earth Observation Satellite

This was not the first time in 2020 that China launched a satellite. On 2 June 2020, China launched the Gaofen-6 satellite for earth observation. The specific purpose of that satellite was for agriculture research and disaster management. On 5 June 2020, China launched the Fengyun-2H satellite with the same purpose. It was launched to monitor weather-related issues. The surprise came when two rockets took off from China at the end of May within a gap of just 36 hours. The two satellites successfully placed 4 satellites into the orbit.

China Launch Earth Observation Satellite

China’s Progress With Satellites in 2020

It looks like China is trying to make up for the time lost this year due to coronavirus. The country was much more active in 2019 with rocket launches before pausing their work due to the virus outbreak. However, what started in China as an outbreak has now affected the whole world like a pandemic.

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