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Easiest Group Video-Calling On WhatsApp


WhatsApp Group Video-Calling

WhatsApp had come up with an excellent feature of Group video-calling in an easier way. This update will make video calling easier than before for groups. The messaging Application with many users who use very instantly had made a better option with one less step to make video-calls through the App with one go.

Earlier, any user to make a video call, the user must first tap on the video call icon on the top right of the group chat. Then the user must select the group members that they want to call. With this new feature, the user can directly tap the video call icon. It automatically goes to all the users in the group. But this new feature applies only to groups that have four or fewer members.

Due to the ongoing issues of COVID-19 many people want to connect through video conferencing across the globe. So, WhatsApp had made this easier than ever in their history. Many business organizations conduct their video conferences on many Applications. So What’s App now decided to make an easy way for their users and made them connect more quickly.

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What’s App is also the platform of sharing fake information very often. Even also about COVID-19. So, the company is now dealing with the issue and trying to stop this. By keeping many barriers like any user can share the message to only some people at a time. Thus, it is the symbol of decreasing the speed of fake news and wrong information on the planet.

The company also restricted about forwarding the messages. Thus any user can send only to one user, to stop the fake news about COVID-19. Because the company identified a rapid increase in the amount of message forwards in this outbreak. This update is to keep a check on the fake news and misinformation which is impacting World widely.

WhatsApp Controlling

What’s App had also come up with an offering to their users. This is to verify forwarded messages which aims to slow down the fake information. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 many people are working from home due to the coronavirus. Because it is spreading across the globe very rapidly. Also, lockdowns are being implemented in several countries which made a quick difference in the level of forwarding messages.

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