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Education and Technology: Reflections on Computing in Classrooms

Education and Technology
Education and Technology

Oftentimes, people see a combination of education and technology. These two essential spheres of human life are helpful when they are combined. Many technological apps and gadgets are designed to meet the needs of educators and learners. Using technology correctly may be beneficial in many ways. For example, you can open your browser and access a service Advanced Writers to get professional academic writing help and solve many issues by hiring essay writers online. Another option is to download a book called β€œEducation and Technology: Reflections on Computing in Classrooms”. It’s written by Charles Fisher, David C Dwyer, and Keith Yocam. It highlights the ways technology can become a powerful tool for students to succeed in learning.


Sometimes it’s necessary to be aware of the recent trends in technology to understand all its possibilities. Therefore, we advise following a good informative hub that offers updated news about technology, apps, inventions, games, entertainment, and life in general. Right now, we’ll explain how technology can help education.

Access to Any Data Online

First of all, technology has expanded access to education. Before the era of the Internet, students and their parents had to only hope they would find the necessary textbook. Many textbooks and other educational materials were not always available. Even if the required material could be bought, its price was too high for some families. Thanks to technological progress, all textbooks became digitized. In other words, you can find and upload the electronic version that cost less. Moreover, most guides and tutorials are free of charge.


Students can find helpful materials to solve any difficulties they face. They can be found on educational, governmental, and non-commercial resources. Students can:

  • Pass online courses, tests, and programs offered by famous colleges and universities;
  • Join educational communities to get help;
  • Read informative articles, guides, tutorials, almanacs, etc.
  • Participate in conferences, workshops, etc. to overcome academic issues;
  • Use learning apps to improve their skills;
  • Get professional help ordering papers on highly reputed writing services;
  • Find a certified tutor.

Expanded Communication

Secondly, technology helps to expand communication. There are no boundaries because you can contact other people even when they are on another continent. Thus, students can interchange experiences with their peers from abroad. Educators also use technology for this purpose. They frequently organize live meetings, conferences, discussions, and so on.Β  Thus, it’s possible to solve issues by asking questions online.

Improved Collaboration

Thirdly, educational collaboration runs faster and easier with technology. Collaboration is vital in education and educators frequently assign several students to complete the same task as a team. There’s no need to gather at somebody’s home or in someplace (library, cafΓ©, etc.) to work together. Everything can be done right at your home. Students only should define what program to use to chat online and determine the time.

Education and Technology
Education and Technology

Greater Engagement in Learning

Students who use technology to complete homework tasks or tasks in the classroom show a stronger desire to learn. Teenagers adore when they are allowed to use apps to fulfill their tasks. Oftentimes, teachers change their roles asking their students to conduct a lesson. This teaches students responsibility, accuracy, flexibility, etc. They should use some apps to make their lessons more interactive.Β 

The Invention of More Learning Methods

Thanks to the use of tech devices in the classroom, educators managed to create new approaches to learning. Amongst such are:

Learning method Purpose Details
Personalized learning Taking into account individual talents and needs. Every learner has an individual profile that considers his/her strengths, weaknesses, needs, interests, etc. Thus, a learner can work at his/her own comfortable pace.
Online testing Providing students with tech devices and equal conditions of learning. Students receive the same devices and tools in the classroom. Thus, they have equal chances to succeed and develop their skills.
Blended learning The combination of various learning approaches based on technology. This method commonly combines that traditional learning approach with a changeable teacher-student approach. Students can become teachers too.Β 


On average, new learning methods implemented via technology offer the next benefits for education:

  • Delivery of more personified materials;
  • Learning at the pace chosen by students;
  • Making students technologically skilled;
  • Preparation of students for modern workplaces;
  • Empowering students to do more complex and creative work;
  • Encouragement of creative skills;
  • The expanse of students’ abilities and knowledge;
  • Better engagement in the learning process;
  • Improvement of managing educational institutions;
  • Enhancement of communication and collaboration among students, teachers, and parents.

These benefits are very important for the educational sector. They bring the learning process to a new quality level. Thus, the combo of education and technology has a bright future.

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