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EI Paso Man Booked Under Animal Assault

EI Paso Man
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EI Paso Man Booked For Sexually Assault A Puppy

EI Paso Man Booked Under Animal Assault: Chevance Smith, a 24 year EI Paso man charged for having sexual contact with a puppy and booked for bestiality and fined for the same. The incident happened on Saturday afternoon. A passerby witnessed the brutality happening and informed immediately to the Texas Police.

The guy was having unnatural sexual contact with a female Boxer/Pit Bull mix of 8 months old.

El Paso Police Department’s Animal Cruelty with detectives Investigations Unit reached the spot quickly and succeeded to arrest the man. Chevance Smith is now behind bars with an amount of $7,500 bond. For the sexual act and for assaulting an innocent, he would get maximum punishment, and that could be of 6 months to 2 years jail with a fined amount of $10,000.

The Veterinary of EI Paso is taking care of the puppy and kept her under observation. The doctors confirmed the sexual contact happened, and several injuries have found in the genital area.

The Brutal Incident Happened In Broad Daylight

The incident was an utter shame to human society. Not even the animals are safe from sexual auscultation. The dog is going through a tough time after such a harrowing experience and is in great grief and trauma.

Animal welfare is very much concerned about the safety of the animals. Necessary steps and actions should be taken to stop such inhuman activities. Such brutality in the broad day-light is awakening and its time to think deeply about the matter.

It’s Just one incident that came to light. Still, there might be many such incidents happening around, and no one knows about themβ€”such a shameful experience where an animal is not safe and abused sexually.

An Awakening Situation Indeed

The Animal Welfare Society of Texas is very much concerned about the incident and the health of the innocent puppy. Though she is going under treatment and is under a regular check-up. Hope she recovers soon from the injuries as well as the trauma.

EI Paso Man

The 24 years old Chevance Smith is in police custody, and the court is yet to punish him for the brutality against the animal. He deserves a great punishment so that no human can ever think of assault anyone sexually.

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