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Einstein’s General Theory Of Relativity Used To Predict M87* Shadow’s Size, A Recent Blackhole

Einstein's General Theory Of Relativity Used To Predict M87* Shadow's Size, A Recent Blackhole
Source: Physics World

Einstein’s General Theory Of Relativity Used To Predict M87* Shadow’s Size, A Recent Blackhole: Once again, Einstein’s general theory of relativity has won. It was tested in the strongest gravitational field until now. Dimitrios Psaltis and members of the Event Horizon Telescope collaborated to research.

M87* Shadow’s Size Was Predicted Based On Einstein’s General Theory Of Relativity

They used snapshots of M87*( a recently discovered supermassive blackhole) for analysis. The results have also opened up the possibilities for further tests in the future.

The general theory of relativity has been able to explain many phenomenons of the universe. However, there are still some questions unanswered. For instance, unifying gravity with quantum mechanics. One can also remember the shocking discovery in 1998.

In it, it was found that the universe acceleration is expanding. Scientists are trying to find out some flaws in Einstein’s theory so that a more complete and perfect theory can be created.

A More Precise Version Of Einstein’s Theory Can Be Expected In The Future

M87* mass lies around 3.5–6.6 billion suns. Its gravitational field is larger than anything tested in the past. In 2019, some pictures of it were released. The images depict a dark silhouette with bright emissions from the plasma in the background.

According to general relativity, one can predict the shadow’s size approximately. For M87*, the experimental size is under 17% of the prediction.

In the future, one might get a modified version of Einstein’s theory. That would be able to predict it’s M87* shadow more precisely. The test was performed in alternative models of gravity that could modify the theory of relativity. Psaltis and his colleagues paid attention to the framework of these alternative models.

After comparing these predictions, they modify the general theory of relativity by a factor of around 500. This comparison is based on other similar tests in the past. The EHT collaboration has plans to create a more modified and accurate size of the shadow.

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