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Elden Ring: The Hardcore-RPG That Can Have The Most Impact Is Bloodborne

Elden Ring
The cover poster of the Elden Ring with its logo imprinted on it.

Elden Ring: The Hardcore RPG

The Bloodbourne game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and the famous novelist George R R Martin have collaborated to bring a new game “ELDEN RING“.The software has developed this game and like all its previous games, this also has a hardcore RPG genre.

From Software has aimed to bring upon some popular features from Bloodbourne. It was a huge hit since it’s the time of release in 2015 and continues to be a popular game till now.

ELDEN ring is also an open World game and Hidetaka also confessed that it has many similarities to the Bloodbourne and the Dark Souls.

Elden Ring
The Elden Ring gets impact of the Bloodborne with all its features.

Speaking to IGN, he said; “while the narrow and complex dungeons of our previous games were indeed interconnected, eldens ring environment will be much more open and vast.”So, it can be an evolved version of Bloodbourne. Although nothing much is revealed about gameplay or additional features.

Bloodborne Features In Elden Ring: Changing Skyboxes

As seen before in Bloodbourne, the skyboxes shift and change according to the progress in the game. The sky becomes darker according to the atmosphere and situation of the game.

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Horses In The Gameplay

Miyazaki also confirmed horseback combats. But there will be deserted villages like the previous games.

Elden Ring
The old town theme imprinted on the Elden Ring from the Bloodborne.

The Old Town Scenario

The rich old town scenes and Victorian buildings and roads were very catchy for the viewers in the Bloodbourne. It would give quite a good old feeling to the players.

The Tough Struggling Gameplay

One of the reasons behind the Bloodborne game’s popularity was it’s quite difficult and tough levels. The levels created quite an excitement among the players.
This difficulty should be maintained in the ELDEN RING.

Lore Building

Bloodbourne is quite famous for lore building. The character fights and progresses to face the unknown enemy who shows up at the end. There mostly likely can be some secret or lore about the Elden ring which the character seeks and ventures to find it.

There must be some more excitement and new features. It may contain some admirable features of the existing games. But it would bring forth some new and unique content to the gaming world.

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