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Ellen DeGeneres And Portia de Rossi Not Heading For Divorce As Portia Comes Out In Support Of Ellen !

Ellen and Portia
Source: Daily Mail

Portia de Rossi Comes In Support Of Ellen DeGeneres

Portia and Ellen have supported each other for a very long time. Ever since Ellen’s show came under the scanner for its toxic work environment, everyone was speculating its effect on Ellen’s personal life. Now, Ellen’s wife Portia has come in support of her. She recently posted a photo on Instagram that said, “I Stand By Ellen”. With this, Portia has made it clear that she is with her wife, while Ellen goes through this bad phase of her career. Ellen and Portia seem to have each other’s back for everything.

Ellen and Portia
Source: Daily Mail

Portia de Rossi Thanks Ellen DeGeneres’ Supporters

Many people have criticized Ellen for the kind of work culture that her show has developed. However, Ellen is running the show for more than 17 years and has many hardcore fans who have supported her through everything. Portia made sure to acknowledge these fans who have backed Ellen throughout this controversy. She dedicated the caption of the same post to thank these fans. The caption read, “To all our fans….we see you. Thank you for your support. #stopbotattacks.”

Portia de Rossi And Ellen DeGeneres Are Not Heading For A Divorce.

With the problems in professional life, there were rumours that Ellen and Portia might have called it quits. There were strong speculations that Portia is tired of covering up for Ellen and is ready to leave her. Moreover, the price tag of the divorce was estimated at $500 million. However, much to the relief of the fans, a divorce is not happening for sure. The post of Portia means that she is there with her wife to support her no matter what. It is not the first time that the media is speculating about their divorce. However, the two have always shown their love for each other.

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Ellen DeGeneres And Her Falling Stardom

Ellen DeGeneres has surely lost the trust and support of many people. Her sheer hypocrisy on and off the camera has not gone down well with her supporters. Many people are accepting it with a heavy heart that Ellen was not the ‘kind person’ she showed on her camera.

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