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Ellen Degeneres Fires All Three Producers From “The Ellen Degeneres Show”! Check Out The New Producer!

Ellen Degeneres Apologizes
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Ellen Degeneres Fires All Three Producers From “The Ellen Degeneres Show”! Check Out The New Producer!: The host and producer of the talk show “The Ellen Degeneres show” are in Big Trouble. Ellen, along with other executive producers of the show, is accused of sexual harassment and other illegal activities. The entire drama started from BuzzFeed’s Report. However, as per the Report, Three Big named producers of the show are accused of Sexually Harassing and passing racial comments at the workplace. Nevertheless, there’s more to this controversy. Hence let us get started and learn more about the allegations put on the Executive Producers and Ellen.

Ellen And The Other Three Producers

Ellen Degeneres Apologizes
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Ellen Degeneres is the producer as well as the host of her talk show. However, as per reports The employees and the crew members of the show have put allegations On the producers. Producers Namely Kevin Leman, Ed Glavin and Jonathan Norman are at fault. The namely producers have conducted numerous unethical and illegal activities. Be it sexual assault or racial comment these Three producers have left nothing. As per Report, the three morons have been troubling and causing misconduct over the sets for many years now.

No Doubt the accused producers have denied all the allegations put, and they have no relation with it, they said. The “The Ellen Degeneres show” is being aired since 2008, and the misconducts are happening since then. Furthermore, Warner Media has looked into the case and took some tough decisions. Warner Media works as a production house for the “The Ellen Degeneres show”.

Employees And Staffs Statements

One of the crew members on set said that Ellen Was aware of every misconduct happening but never looked at it seriously. In comparison, an employee stated that Kevin Leman tried to Grope his Penis and Force Himself Upon Him. At the same time, Jonathan Norman has sexually abused some Girl Crew Members on the set and asked them not to speak about it in public. However, many such statements got recorded By the people working on the show. Hence the workers believe that the work environment is not suitable for one to function and is scary at the same time.

Ellen Degeneres Apologizes For

Ellen Degeneres Apologizes
source: The Indian Express

The producer and host of the show apologized to her Employees and worker about the misconduct. She is devastated knowing that the incident took place behind her back and she couldn’t do anything for the team. Degeneres sends an apology letter to every member of her team. Furthermore, she is sorry for everything that happened and is horrified about what her team members went through for her. Ellen says that she has failed as a team leader for not providing a safe and respectful workplace to her workers. Moreover, she is going to take strict actions against the accused.

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Ellen Fires The Producers

Ellen Degeneres Apologizes
source: The New York Times

Ellen Degeneres In a Zoom Conference with her team, members, announced that she had fired All the accused producers. And The show will restart from September 21. Additionally, She also promised every member to provide safe and a better workplace. Stephen Boss is likely to be the new producer soon.

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