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Ellen DeGeneres Goes Out For Lunch With ‘Friend’ Kevin Hart As She Makes First Public Appearance Post Controversy !

Kevin and Ellen
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Ellen DeGeneres Steps Out With Kevin Hart For Lunch

Ellen DeGeneres may not be having the best time of her life. However, she knows how to keep her friendship good and going. Kevin Hart is one of the few celebrities who came out to support Ellen after she started receiving hate from the public. Yesterday, Ellen decided to meet her good friend Kevin Hart for lunch. The two came together at Rosewood Miramar Beach in Montecito, California for a meal. Both of them wore topical print outfits. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, both were wearing masks for protection.

Kevin Hart’s Support For Ellen DeGeneres

Just last week, Kevin Hart took to Instagram to show his support for Ellen, who is facing allegations for toxic workplace environment on her show from her ex and current employees. Kevin made a video to convey how nice Ellen has been to him and his team. However, he clarified that his words were not meant to suppress the voice of other people. He said in his video, “She has treated my family and team with love and respect from day 1. The internet has become a crazy world of negativity… we are falling in love with people’s downfall. It’s honestly sad.”

The Time When Ellen DeGeneres Backed Kevin Hart

Being a celebrity comes with its own package of good and bad things. One of the negative aspects is controversy. Kevin Hart also faced a big controversy in 2019. Apparently, some of his past homophobic tweets came up when he was selected for becoming the host of Academy Awards for 2019. So he decided to step down from this and apologized for his past comments. As a good friend, Ellen called Kevin to the show. Being a lesbian herself, she accepted his apology and said that Kevin has become more mature.

Kevin and Ellen
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The Worst Time In Ellen DeGeneres’ Life

The last time Ellen faced such a severe controversy, it was because she came out as a lesbian. While she was on the right side at that time, she is not so right this time. Apparently, Warner Bros has done an internal investigation after employees accused Ellen of a toxic workplace. Warner Bros found out that the allegations were in fact true. It is to be seen how Ellen will deal with this controversy.

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