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Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth Remains Strong Even As She Faces Criticism On Social Media For Hypocrisy !

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How It Started For Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres would not have thought that she would reach the kind of success she enjoys at present. However, like any other newcomer, Ellen had a modest start. She started her career as a stand-up comedian and came on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in 1986. Performing on that show was always a big deal for the comedians. She started doing movies and was the voice behind Dory in Finding Nemo for which she received a lot of praise and appreciation. Subsequently, Ellen shifted from stand-up comedy to acting.

Source: MEAWW

Ellen DeGeneres Coming Out As Lesbian

Ellen was part of a sitcom called Ellen which received a lot of praise for its comedy. In 1997, while she was part of the show, she came out as a lesbian in the Oprah Winfrey Show. Her character was also revealed as a lesbian in an episode that went on to get the highest rating for the show. However, people were not very open at that time and ABC decided to cut the promotion of the show as its parent company Walt Disney was not comfortable with Ellen’s revelations. The show subsequently got canceled in 1998.

Many Shades Of Ellen DeGeneres

After the cancellation of the sitcom, Ellen started The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2003. The show received a lot of love for it had a very noble nature of honoring kind people. Ellen soon became a symbol of kindness. However, after seventeen years, there is a threat to the TRPs of the show as Ellen has lost confidence in her fans. Many people have come on record to say that Ellen is not the kind person she is on the show. As per the rumors, the sudden rise in the number of Ellen haters is making the network think twice before renewing the show for another season.

Source: MEAWW

Ellen DeGeneres’ Net Worth Remains Intact Amid Negative Word Of Mouth

Everything is going wrong for Ellen at the moment. Questions are being raised on her hypocrisy. However, none of the negative talks and questions over another season has affected. She still has a net worth of a whopping $490 million. She reportedly receives almost 60 percent of the profit from the show’s Ads and other revenue streams. Even as the world is busy trash talking about her, she is having a gala time minting millions of dollars.

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