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Ellen Degeneres Promises To Provide Safe & A Better Workplace For The Workers! Fires All 3 Producers!

Ellen Degeneres's WorkPlace A Threat
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Ellen Degeneres Promises To Provide Safe & A Better Workplace For The Workers! Fires All 3 Producers!: The Ellen Degeneres Show is back on Television again after the biggest scandal. However It is the 18th Season Of the talk show, but the start has not been that exciting. Ellen Did Face a lot of questions regarding safety and disturbed Workplace these past few weeks but is back on the screen. It is belived that despite getting an apology from Degeneres end, some staffs choose to leave the show. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about the most significant Controversy.

Ellen Degeneres’s WorkPlace A Threat

Ellen Degeneres's WorkPlace A Threat
source: USA Today

The ‘threat’ is the proper word to describe the activities happening at the Ellen Degeneres show since years. It’s not the first time that something scandalous happened at the talk show, but this time it’s absurd. Sexual harassment, Racial comments, and verbal abuse is the cause of Defaming Ellens Talk show.

However, Degeneres alone is not at fault; there are Other three monsters as Producers who are Primarily Responsible for the same. The famous personalities are none other than the co-executive producers of the show. Despite having a big name and fame, the Producers conducted and unethical Activities on the Employees and crew members. As a result, The team don’t find Ellens Show as the trustworthy and proper place for work.

Employees Claim Unethical Behaviour At The Show.

Not just the Recent Employees but the Ex-workers have stated that they went through various abuse and at the show. However, many of the Female workers said that One amongst the three producers would get touchy without their consent and would threaten them. Once Kevin Leman groped the Penis Of one male staff while he was stuck alone in the Dressing room said the victim. Furthermore, there’s much more to this story and a day won’t be enough to list down all the misbehave done by the Top Three Producers.

Ellen Fires The Producers

Ellen Degeneres's WorkPlace A Threat
source: Fresherslive

coming across the Charges put on the show ellen fired Kevin Leman and Jonathan Norman right away. Warner Bros Media investigated about the same with the crew members, and the accused were found guilty. However, the decision of Firing Ed Glavin is on hold. DeGeneres sent an apology letter to every person who was the part of the team and the real person behind the show’s success. She Promised for a better and safe workplace where every person who would be treated equally irrespective of their age, religion, gender and race.

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