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Ellen DeGeneres: Television Show Host Ellen DeGeneres Body Shamed An 11 Year Old!

The sensational host of TV the talk show, The Ellen Show, Ellen Lee DeGeneresΒ has starred in various films and earned her a distinct position in the television industry. Besides being a stunning actress and remarkable television host, Ellen is known for her great work at stand-up comedy. Moreover, she has been a renowned writer and producer for years. Having acquired several awards and tremendous prestige, Ellen is praised for her amusing and easy-going personality.Β 

DeGeneres body-shamed an 11-year-old

Though she has achieved a huge fan following through the years of her career and relishes the fans’ love bestowed upon her, critics exist to play its role. In contrary to the presumed pleasing nature of the host, it has lately has been in the highlights that Ellen body-shamed an 11-year-old, back in her twenties. Ben Gravolet, in a conversation with DailyMailTV, produced several claims against Ellen’s intense behaviour towards him.Β 

DeGeneres’s job in the 70s

In the late Seventies, she used to work as a recruiter in a company owned by Ben’s mother in New Orleans. He often used to visit the company after school in order to finish off his homework in her mother’s office. Gravelot accused DeGeneres of insulting him without taking into consideration the impact that her criticism is leaving on his mind. She teased him by calling him fat and continued making fun of his weight. In addition to this, she called him stupid and criticised his clothes.
This made Gravolet dreadful of visiting her own mother’s office just to avoid the criticism he received from DeGeneres. He further added that DeGeneres felt pleasure in teasing him.
Gravolet, now 52 years old, called the television host “the meanest, nastiest, most horrible person”. He disagrees with Ellen’s so-called presumed image to be a friendly and generous person.

Investigation on DeGeneres’s TV show

It has also come to the knowledge that she possesses a nasty and mean outlook towards her co-workers. Recently, In 2020, DeGeneres’s TV show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” was facing an investigation after it was heard that she aroused the abuse, racism and sexual harassment against her co-workers.

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