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Ellen DeGeneres: The Ellen DeGeneres Show Not Going Off Air, Confirms Executive Producer Andy

Ellen DeGeneres
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The Ellen DeGeneres Show Is Not Going Off Air

Ellen is clearly going through the worst face of her professional life. After all the criticism, there were rumors that Ellen has decided to shut down the show to save her public image. However, now there is a confirmation that the show is not going off-air. Show’s executive producer Andy shut all such rumors with a single short line. One of the Twitteratis tweeted that Andy may soon find work since the show is leaving the TV. Andy replied to this saying, β€œNobody is going off the air.” This settles the rumors regarding the future of the show.

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What Is The Controversy Regarding Ellen DeGeneres

For those who are not aware of the controversy regarding Ellen, here is what you need to know. Ever since the US went under lockdown, Ellen is getting criticism from people and ex-employees through Twitter that she is the opposite of what she is in front of the camera. With the criticism, the current employees also joined the party to point out the toxic work environment that prevails on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. With this, the image of kindness that Ellen built through seventeen years of the show came down within no time.

Internal Investigation By Warner Bros On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen was silent throughout the time people were criticizing her. She used to post on her social media handle as though there was no controversy at all. However, the show’s distributor Warner Bros decided to launch an internal investigation. It came to the conclusion that there was some problem with the management of the show. Warner Bros said, β€œThough not all of the allegations were corroborated, we are disappointed that the primary findings of the investigation indicated some deficiencies related to the show’s day-to-day management.”

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Will The Ellen DeGeneres Show Have The Same Charm

Ellen’s show was very dear to people because of Ellen’s down to earth nature and her kind approach towards the have-nots. However, with the allegations against her, people now find her as a hypocrite. It looks like people won’t be able to enjoy the show like they used to as many things have come out during the lockdown.

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