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Emanuel Eminiki Leaves Miss Nigeria 2017 to Marry Miss Nigeria 2018.

A post on Facebook has broken the Internet, the post claims that Emanuel Eminiki, a Nigerian football player, has now divorced one Miss Nigeria to marry another Miss Nigeria. People making it a joke saying footballer Emanuel left Miss Nigeria 2017 to marry Miss Nigeria 2018. Even Indian cricketer, Virender Sehwag has shared the same postΒ on his Twitter account.

When searched on google different websites shows the same result. This post has become a joke for everyone, people laughing and calling it a β€˜Software update’. According to the PulseΒ article, all these calculated news are false.Β Eminiki never married before his marriage with Iheoma Nnadi. Eminika was only married once. AndΒ Iheoma Nnadi was neither Miss Nigeria 2017 norΒ 2018. she was the winner of the β€˜Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria’ in 2014. This all first started with the post of Reekado Banks, a Nigerian Singer, on Facebook. which was deleted later after a serious reply from Eminiki to remove the post.

In fact, according to the reports, both the pictures of Eminiki with two women is Nnadi. Both the pictures were from their pre-wedding shoot which is now circulated.

The Final Warning.

This viral photoshoot on nerves of the couple and both are very angryΒ at the viral post himself. However they used InstagramΒ to warn Nigerian singer Reekado Banks to delete the post.

Eminiki on Instagram says “Reekado you have disrespected me and my family a lot. AtΒ first, it was Miss Nigeria 2013 divorced and marry 2014 rumour. Which has become a joke andΒ is going around the world now. Now it has become 2017 to 2018.Β Boy, I just want to tell you that I don’t bark, I give you one day to delete the post and mind what you post next time”.

The Banks has now deleted the postΒ after the angry response. So finally the news was fake people.

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