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Emily Ratajkowski Smolders As She Models Barely-There Bikinis!

Emily Flaunts Her Barely- There Bikini
Source: Daily Mail

Who Is Emily Ratajkowski?

Emily Ratajkowski Smolders As She Models Barely-There Bikinis!: Emily Ratajkowski is an American Model and Actor. She has starred in several movies like I Feel Pretty, Gone Girl, We Are Your Friends and Welcome Home.

The 29-year-old model is known for her modelling debut for Marc Jacobs in New York Fashion Week. Β She has walked on Milan Fashion Week Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. Lastly, for her walk for Miu Miu in Paris Fashion Week. She is married to indie film director Sebastian Bear- McClard.

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Emily, despite being a model is a brand owner of ‘Inamorata’. Since then, we’ve seen Emily flaunting her ‘barely-there’ bikini line. Recently, while on a trip to her parents’ house in Los Angeles, Emily flaunted her new barely-there bikini!

Let us get into the details of her ‘barely-there’ bikini line!

Emily Smolders As She Models Her Barely-There Bikini!

While in Los Angeles, Emily was flaunting her barely-there bikini at her parents’ house! Emily, Sebastian and their dog Colombo spent ‘Fathers Day’ and Emily’s dad’s birthday.

During her stay in LA’s heat, Emily took the opportunity to flaunt as well as promote her skimpy barely-there bikini. She modelled a pair of sky-high stilettos with her swimsuit, leaning in the doorway amid the California sun!

Emily Flaunting her barely-there bikini
Source: Big News

The model shot smouldering stares at the camera and accessorized herself in a pair of golden hoop earrings. Her brunette hair was tied in a messy bun and some streaks of her hair slid down on either side of her face!

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Emily Rajatkowski: Inamorata Brand

Ratajkowski launched Inamorata on 9th November 2017. Inamorata is an Italian word (Inamorato) which means a person’s female lover! The Inamorata brand is all about beauty and flaunting your bikini! You can check out the products here!

Emily Ratajkwoski in the frame
Source: The Blast

Over these three years, we’ve seen Emily flaunting her fashion line several times. Emily is one of the most talented models we have in the industry, and her barely-there bikini line is comfortable yet keen to the eyes!

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