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Emily Ratajkowski: Why Are Famous Brunettes Going Blonde?Check Out

Emily Ratajkwoski as a brunette and a blonde
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Emily Ratajkowski: An Insight Into Her Life!

Emily Ratajkowski: Why Are Famous Brunettes Going Blonde?: We are all well aware that Emily Ratajkowski is one of the best American Models in the industry. The 29-year-old model is an actress also and has worked in many movies.

The Polish model is married to indie film director Sebastian Bear-McClard since 2018, and they both own a dog named Colombo! Ratajkowski made her debut in the modelling world in the New York Fashion Week and is famous for her runway walk at the Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week.

Apart from being a model and an actor, Emily owns a brand of swimwear under the name- Inamorata. Inamorata is an Italian word which means ‘a person’s female lover’.

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Recently, our brunette Emily decided to go blonde! She is rocking the blonde look; but, I wonder why most of the famous brunettes are going blonde? I guess we’ll have to get in the details of this obsession with blonde hair that these celebrities possess!

Why Are All Famous Brunettes Going Blonde?

Ever since the world strikes down with the Coronavirus Pandemic, most of us are looking to blow off some steam. While us commoners are into the ‘bangs at home’ trend, our fellow celebrities are changing their hair colour from brunette/ brown/ black to Blonde!

We haven’t been unfamiliar with celebrities going blonde and changing their looks completely but these brunette celebrities going blonde is a new thing!

Emily Flaunting her blonde hair
Source: PopSugar UK

Emily Ratajkowski is a newly blonde! Right after her 29th birthday, Emily took Instagram to announce that she has ditched her brunette tresses and has gone blonde! She went straight to the point and captioned it ‘BLONDE’.

If you’re wondering her sudden hair change, know that this hair comes with a paycheck! Emily also announced that she’s the face of Kerastase’s Blonde Absolu Collection!

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Blonde Hair: Other Celebrities Opting For Blonde Over Brunette!

Apart from Emily Ratajkowski, Kaia Gerber and Kylie Jenner have also opted for blonde hair. Gerber went for a blonde lob whereas Kylie showed off her super-sleek yellow-blonde tresses.

Going blonde during the summer is a trend now, but, what remains a question is, is it a fashion or a fad?

Let us know your views on celebrities going blonde!


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