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Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund Are Expecting A Child! Emma Shares Pregnancy News On Her Instagram!

Emma Roberts Announces Her Pregnancy
source: E!Online

Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund Are Expecting A Child! Emma Shares Pregnancy News On Her Instagram!: The most talked couple In Hollywood Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund are expecting a child Together. Curiously, the couple has been dating for a year now, and she’s pregnant with his child. However, one must appreciate the News and bless the couple with the right words. At the same time, many of the thick heads have started trolling Emma about her Pregnancy.

Moreover, they have put their unimportant point of view, explaining that it’s just wrong to get pregnant with a year old Boyfriend. But who cares? Emma is a star and can tackle and avoid such hateful comments. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more the couple.

Emma Roberts Announces Her Pregnancy

Emma Roberts Announces Her Pregnancy
source: Harper’s Bazaar

The Hollywood Star took the News to her Instagram account, where she posted a picture of her and Bf Garrett Together. Roberts and Garrett are sitting next close to each other and smiling while they took the shot. She captioned the image as “Me.. and my Two Favourite Guys” Following Two Blue Heart Emojis. Moreover, the couple has revealed the gender of their child, and it is a baby Boy. As a result, both cant wait to hold their child into their arms. They are Eagerly waiting for the special day to arrive.

Additionally, The post has three subsequent images where the first picture showcases Roberts all dolled up in a full white dress. In comparison, the second image has her and boyfriend Hedlund sitting together where The child’s father is staring at Roberts romantically. The last picture showcases both enjoying and cherishing the News.

Fans Reaction To the News

Emma Roberts Announces Her Pregnancy
source: The Tribune Indian

The comment section got flooded with numerous congratulating comments. Where other Hollywood stars and Media Personality Congratulated the couple with Holy Words. Lea Michele commented, “You will be the greatest mama. I love you Em! Boy moms Together”. However Garrett Hedlund Does hot hold an Official Instagram Account, but his fan pages have done the work for him by passing on the News.

About Emma’s Pregnancy

Emma Roberts Announces Her Pregnancy
source: Vanity Fair

The star couples baby Boy will be born In 2021. As Roberts announced her Pregnancy this month the baby is likely to be Born By some date in June. Additionally, the couple has decided the photographer who will capture every moment when the child is born. Baby’s father shoulders are now massive with many responsibilities, and we are sure that he will be a good father and a Boyfriend too.

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