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Emma Stone Is Jealous Of Andrew Garfield’s New Relationships!

Emma and Andrew in the frame
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Emma Stone Is Jealous Of Andrew Garfield’s New Relationships!: We can say that jealousy is also a hint that someone is into you and can’t see you with someone else. Expressing love through jealousy is there on every love story. But here someone is jealous after breaking up. Let’s see if someone is jealous?


Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield Rumors- Emma is breaking Andrew's Relationships over Jealousy
Emma and Andrew in the frame

Emma Seems To Be Jealous

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were in a relationship for many years. They broke up, unfortunately. From then, there are a lot of rumours that Emma is trying to break every other relationship with Andrew.

Sources say that Emma can’t digest the fact that Andrew is dating Rita Ora, who is opposite of her. She was a possessive ex-girlfriend and didn’t like anyone getting close to him.

Emma Wants To Get Back

There are also rumours that Emma wants to get back with him. Before that, she wants him to end all other affairs he is having with other girls. Emma also wanted her ex-boyfriend to stay away from a British singer. Finally, these were all false information, and none was true.

Garfield Wanted To Get Back

Initially, Andrew wanted to get back with Emma. However, he moved on when he realised that she was playing games with him. As per the false reports, Emma tried to break his relationship with Abormeit and Rita Ora.

Together Vs Apart

Specific sources reveal that they got back together and wanted to get married soon, while other sources indicate that their breakup was for good and both of them have moved on. These two actors were always involved in controversies because of this news

But the truth is that Emma was never jealous and never tried to break any of his relationships. They are still on good terms with each other. Well we also wish the same

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