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Emmitt Smith, the cowboy’s legend has a warning for Jerry Jones

Emmitt Smith and Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys

When you are worth, $8.4 billion, Β you expect to be unstoppable. Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner has been called by the legendary, one of the most popular players in franchise history: Emmitt Smith.

Dak Prescott’s contract situation hit the headlines

Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones the owner of Dallas Cowboys

Even before the 2019 season, Jerry Jones has been trying to ensure Dak Prescott will remain in Dallas for years to come. Prescott however, had turned down the sustainable contract, betting in himself to make it big.

He has set career-highs in passing yards (4,902) and touchdowns (30). This resulted in the increased price tag of the player. On March 16, Jones had already placed the franchise tag on the Pro Bowler.

This had allowed the Cowboys to continue the contract negotiations with Prescott. Jones has been trying to make him get into a long-term contract, while the player prefers a short-term contract.

But even after months of negotiations, there was no middle ground to be found, ultimately Jones and Prescott failed to reach any conclusion before the 15 July deadline.

Currently, the Pro Bowler(27) will be playing the 2020 NFL season, on the franchise tag only.
Allowing him a salary of $31.4 million after earning less than $5 million since entering the NFL represents a substantial raise for the talented dual-threat quarterback.

Emmitt Smith strict warning

Emmitt Smith

During an interview with Tiki and Tierney on CBS Sports Radio, Smith had issued a stern warning to his owner.

Smith had to face a similar situation in 1993 season because he wanted to sign a long-term contract with John, due to this he had to miss two weeks of the season. So it is understood that Smith doesn’t want Prescott to face a similar situation.

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As far as Prescott being the right quarterback to lead the Cowboys, Smith says he has no doubt.

β€œI do think Dak is the guy going forward. There’s no question in my mind about that,” he said. β€œDak Prescott is in control of that offensive unit, is in command of that offence, and he has earned the respect as the leader of that team. The way he plays the game translates in that.”

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