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Emmy Awards 2020: Primetime Emmy Awards Decide To Increase Nominations !

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Primetime Emmy Awards

Emmy Awards 2020: Primetime Emmy Awards: Primetime Emmy Awards is a prestigious TV award that acknowledges the best of what has come in TV. It is like the equivalent of Academy Awards for films, Grammy for music Tony Award for theatre. The 2020 Emmy Awards will be the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards. The nominations for the award will release on July 28, 2020. The award ceremony will take place on September 20, 2020. Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, will take the stage as the host for the award ceremony. The award only honours that TV shows that premiere during the primetime of the day. Jimmy Kimmel is also the producer of the award.

Source: latimes

Emmy To Extend Nominations

The award ceremony will premiere on the ABC network. Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is the presenter of the award. They have taken an important decision concerning this year’s ceremony. The academy has received 15% more submissions this year compared to last year. Due to this, they have decided to increase the nominations of the drama and comedy series categories from seven to eight. The last time this decision was taken was 5 years ago when the academy increased the nominations from six to seven.

What The Academy Said Regarding Emmy Nominations

Television Academy Chairman and CEO Frank Scherma were quick to point out the excellent work received this year even with the pandemic. He said, β€œThe increase in submissions is a reflection of the number of new voices, new television platforms and tremendous growth in content from existing platforms across our industry. Despite production suspension resulting from COVID-19, there is a wealth of excellent work submitted for this year’s competition.” It is to be seen whether the pandemic will have any effect on the Awards or not.

Emmy Awards 2020: Primetime Emmy Awards
Source: Variety

What Are The Criteria For Increase In Nomination

Academy has not restricted this extension to drama and comedy. The nominations for other categories can also increase. Moreover, the number of nominations will be decided based on the submissions for the category. The break up to the number of nominations are as follows:

  • 1-19 submissions: 0 to 4 nominations
  • 20-80 submissions: 5 nominations
  • 81-160 submissions: 6 nominations
  • 161-240 submissions: 7 nominations
  • More than 240+ submissions: 8 nominations



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