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Epic Games Has Released Its Battle Royale Hit Fortnite Through The Official Play Store!

Loading screen of "Fortnite"

Epic Games

Epic says Google is making exceedingly challenging to avoid the play store. These Games have released the royale game Hit Fortnite through the play store. The Company released the game through the official play store on Android. After 18 months of releasing the game as third party software. This will be downloadable outside google’s official app.

But, the company says that Google has put third-party software, then the users installed the app. Thus means has put a disadvantage and warning the users. And the caution is that the users may have potential security issues that may not existβ€”also, it stating that the software is not issued through the play store.

The gameplay image of Battle Royale in Fortnite.

Fortnite Game

The problem will be through their technical and business measures. Those include scary, repetitive security pop-ups downloadingβ€”also, updated software, restrictive manufacturers and agreements. The Company is saying that it is going to release the game through an official android channel. Thus, the Company is ready to pay Google 30% cut mandate by the play store as in-app purchases.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, feels that both the platforms of apple play store and android play store are decreasing the Company’s market. Thus, it makes to change positions to charge for developers more than they needed. Also, the 30% store tax is of high cost in a world. That it can cover 70% of developing, operating, and supporting the company games. In 2018, when the Fortnite has come as an app, which players can play. The Company says that the app can be installed on an android mobile web browser.

Fortnite with Battle Royale is now available in Google Play Store.

In-Play Store

Also, 30% is just the cost of their services to perform payment processing, download bandwidth, and many more. The Company is hoping that google should revise their dealings and business policies. So, all the users can reach freely to them. Also, it makes customers connect with them and can install the app on the play store.

Also, the Company tried to get rid of a 30% cut fee for platforms which is more than their market share by 50%. However, Google refused to the Epic conditions. Google has some terms and conditions for their business and billing norms to invest in their platform.

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