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Episodes And Events That Season 7 Premiere Of Agents Of SHIELD Reference With LMD Coulson!

Agent of SHIELD
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Agents Of SHIELD: Sad news for Marvel fans, as Phil Coulson is dead in the MCU, well again. In season 6, this Clark Gregg’s character was replaced with Sarge. But in season 7, a synthetic Coulson introduced in the show blended from life model of Decoy and Chronicon technology. While the team of SHIELD grapples the moral weight of synthetic Coulson, they decide to use his skills to change the Earth’s timeline.

Agent of SHIELD
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Throughout the seasons of Agents of SHIELD we saw, Coulson was a father figure for Daisy. The scene where Daisy can’t help but switch on Colson is an immensely heart-warming one while it is uncomfortable to see LMD Coulson struggling to come into his true nature.
According to Simmons, the version of Phill developed from a 2-year-old brain framework.

So, when it wakes up for the first time, it works as a self-respecting modern tech piece. It goes through a long mandatory software update. After which the memory of Coulson’s mind gives LMD a full overview of the members of Agents of SHIELD story.

Agent of SHIELD
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Past Episodes Referenced By LMD Coulson

The stories referred are – “I died, And I came back,” referring to the dual death of Coulson in The Avengers and again in Agents of SHIELD. “Not me…I am not him. I look like him.” – what Sarge often mummers in season 6 of Agents of SHIELD. Also, things like – “We said goodbyes,” “Pachakutiq,” “May, don’t,” etc. Along with referring TAHITI as “It’s magical,” “Talbot,” referring to the final mission of Phil Coulson defeating supervillain Greg Talbot. And many more.

This verbal flashbacks of LMD took us to the 1930’s New York of Agents of SHIELD season 7. However, it also shows us how far the character has come to the show. In short, this time-twisting plot seems to have a love later to all the things in the show Agents of SHIELD.

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