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ESPN Replaces Hank Williams Jr. Song From The Opening Of “Monday Night Football”

via The Tennessean

ESPN Replaces Hank Williams Jr. Song From The Opening Of “Monday Night Football”: Sources say on Tuesday that ESPN is going to remove “All My Rowdy Friends Are Here on Monday Night” song from “Monday Night Football”.

Hank Williams Jr. sang this wonderful song. Moreover, the NFL’s situation is critical, considering the pandemic.

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Reason For Replacing William’s Song

Instead of Williams Jr. song, Little Richard song “Rip It Up” will play. The band Butcher Brown will play the instrumental part of the track.

ESPN decision to go with Rip It Up is for a reason. Almost all the NFL seasons opening will be without any spectators because of the pandemic. COVID-19 has hit the US worst.

People are struggling for basic amenities such as proper food. Unfortunately, people are losing jobs because of the ongoing pandemic.

Fans Won’t Be Able To Watch NFL Openings.

They denied entry to the fans in the Pittsburgh Steelers-New York Giants. Tennessee Titans-Denver Broncos Week 1 “MNF” fixtures will also occur without viewers.

These events are to held on September 14. As the virus continues to spread, people safety is the utmost priority. It is essential to remain at home and only go out in times of emergency.

ESPN Has Changed Its Mind

However, it’s not the 1st time that ESPN has changed its mind. Previously, William song got replaced as he made controversial statements about America’s president Barack Obama and the vice president Joe Biden. But his music was back in 2017.

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