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Etihad To Resume Passenger Flights From May 16

Etihad To Resume Passenger Flights
Etihad To Resume Passenger Flights

The outbreak of the COVID-19 has brought the world to a halt. Cities have been forced into lockdown. People being quarantined by the dozen. With the economy coming to a standstill, the diseases spread like wildfire. As the death rate increase by the day, governments struggle hard to stay on their feet and find a cure.

The pandemic has disrupted every major industry in the world. As far as business is concerned, the travel industry is the most hit. This has, in turn, affected all travel services such as roadways, railways, airways, and even seaways. But as the situations are easing up in certain places, companies are slowly starting to resume their services. And one of them isΒ Etihad Airways.

Etihad Planning To Resume Passenger Flights From May 16Β 

Etihad To Resume Passenger Flights
Etihad To Resume Passenger Flights

Eithad, the second-largest airline in the world will be resuming its passenger flights from the 16th of May 2020. The national airline for the United Arab Emirates i.e the UAEΒ  said that it will be starting their flights again from Saturday.

From March 24, all the major UAE airlines such as Emirates, FlyDubai, and Air Arabia have been grounded. The officials said that once UAE lifts the travel ban, it will once again resume its passenger flights.

The Abu Dhabi airline was previously going to resume its services on May 1. But in the wake of the chaos caused by the ongoing situation, Eithad has now delayed the resume from May 1 to the 16th Of May. The airline will be restarting with reduced service and a limited number of flights.

“We aim to gradually return to a fuller schedule as soon it is safe for us to do so, but for now, our flights will remain suspended till May 16”, the Etihad airline mentioned this on their official website. According to the officials, the airline is working closely with the UAE government and the aviation department to safely resume the services from the 16th of May.

Which Flights Will Be Open For Booking?

Etihad To Resume Passenger Flights
Etihad To Resume Passenger Flights

As per Etihad officials, some flights will remain bookable on May 16. Flights to and from several destinations are available for booking online. The fares will be flex fares, which means that the passenger can now change their fare date or cancel the fare FREE OF CHARGE!

Flights toΒ India, Sri Lanka, London, and The PhilippinesΒ are open for booking. An Etihad flight to Mumbai has been scheduled for Saturday, 16th May, and a similar flight from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi on 17th May.

Those who wish to travel to Sri Lanka can book a one-way flight Dh1,934Β  to Colombo which is scheduled from Abu Dhabi on May 16

Flights to London’s Heathrow Airport are also available when the services resume onΒ  May 16. Simultaneously, flights from London to Abu Dhabi will also start on the same date.




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