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Evan White Diagnosed With Colon Cancer At The Age Of 24

Colon Cancer

How Evan Got To Know

Evan White Diagnosed With Colon Cancer At The Age Of 24: When Evan was managing his college life, he would occasionally notice some blood in his stool. When slowly his energy is decreasing, he went to the doctor, after two years of completing his college. He is very much shocked when his diagnosis has done.


Colon Cancer


As he is undergoing colon cancer at the age of 24, the most common about this cancer is that it is generally expected in older people. So Evan is only 24, and this was shocking to know he is undergoing colon cancer. Evan is sharing his story to make others aware of if something happens like this to you, so do go for a checkup.

Severe Symptoms Of Colon Cancer

According to Disease Control and Prevention, colon cancer is the third most life-threatening cancer in the U.S among men and women. Till now, there is no information about the rise in cancer takes place as per the experts. So young adults should be aware of the symptoms to avoid future uncertainty. Following were the symptoms underlined were:-

  • Rectal bleeding
  • Iron-deficiency anaemia
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • An unproductive urge to have a bowel movement
  • Abdominal pain
  • Narrow stools

Evan avoided the experienced bloody stools throughout college and didn’t go to the doctor, and he is too late to be diagnosed.

Story Of Evan’s Colon Cancer

Being suffering from bloody stool during his college days, Evan took it for granted then he slowly experiencing the energy loss while exercising. Evan is found to be in good physical shape. He also fell loss of energy when he used to play pick-up basketball with his friend, but after one or two plays, he can’t even play. He is hardly even run.

So after two years of college, he went to a doctor for a checkup. There he shocked to know he has colon cancer at the age of 24. He was very much thankful to the doctor for surgery and treatment. Evan was cancer-free for a year. But in February 2019, scans revealed his cancer came back β€” and this time it was stage 4.

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