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Even Though Winona Ryder Gave Angelina Jolie The Biggest Role Of Her Life, They Still Aren’t Friends!

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Even Though Winona Ryder Gave Angelina Jolie The Biggest Role Of Her Life, They Still Aren’t Friends!: It’s safe to say Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie have been friends for twenty years. After they did a movie together,Β Girl, Interrupted, which was Angelina’s first significant role. And Winona both acted and produced the film.Β 

It won’t be wrong to say this was the base that eventually leads to Angelina’s stardom. Winona is said to be the one who pushed theΒ MaleficentΒ actress to play Lisa in the film.

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But that’s not the case, Winona explains how they are not friends.

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The movie portrayed a beautiful and close relationship between Ryder and Jolie. Despite that, Ryder admits there was never a friendship between Jolie and her in real life.Β 

The film is based on a book by Susanna Kaysen with the same title as the movie.Β 

This movie had a stellar cast and is still memorable for their outstanding work. Along with Jolie and Ryder, other cast members include Elizabeth Moss and late actress Brittany Murphy. Another notable actress has Whoopi Goldberg as the ward nurse and Clea DuVall as the pathological liar with a gold heart.Β 

Angelina Jolie even won an Oscar for the Best Supporting Actress for her role as the sociopathic Lisa Rowe. Before that, she was an unknown actress.Β 

The Stranger Things actress says she thought Jolie and her would turn out to be great friends. But unfortunately, nothing as such happened. According to Ryder, Jolie always kept her distance from her, and she could never understand why.Β 

Ryder added: “But I think she needed to be able to look at me as the character Susanna, not as Winona. So in a very respectful way, she just kind of kept her distance.”

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Even though Ryder was the one to produce the film and was the main character of the movie, Jolie got all the recognition and praise. It was not at all disappointing for Winona. She always had an idea that whoever played “Lisa” would get all the attention.Β 

Ryder said she was even offered the role of “Lisa,” but she wanted to play the character of “Susanna” all along. Some people were even sad for her, but she had no resentment and is happy with that movie and proud of it.Β 

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