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Ever Wondered Why Chris Brown Gave ‘Disturbia’ To Rihanna? Here’s Why !

Chris and Rihanna
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Chris Brown And Rihanna

Ever Wondered Why Chris Brown Gave ‘Disturbia’ To Rihanna? Chris Brown and Rihanna dated between 2007 and 2009. Their relationship garnered a lot of media attention. However, their break up made more headlines. It was because their break up was a very ugly one. Rihanna and Chris got into an argument. Chris lost his temper and physically assaulted Rihanna. She had very visible injuries on her face and had to be hospitalized for the same. Chris turned himself in to LAPD and faced a lot of criticism from people in Hollywood as well as from the people. He had to zone himself out from public appearance, and many companies withdrew contracts with him. He had to hire a team to control the damage against his name.

Chris and Rihanna
Source: Cheatsheet

Chris Brown And Rihanna’s Disturbia

Rihanna and Chris came together again a few years later only to break up again. One of the songs from Rihanna’s early hit album is Disturbia. The song was co-written by Chris when the two were together. It was originally planned to be sung by Chris, but he gave it to Rihanna. The song became an instant hit with the audience and became a Halloween favourite. It was interesting to see the reason behind Chris giving the song to Rihanna.

Why Chris Brown Gave Disturbia To Rihanna

Originally, the song was meant to be sung by Chris for his album Exclusive. However, he decided to give the song to Rihanna as he felt the song would be better with a female voice and did not suit his album. He said, β€œIt’s fun being creative, and even if you have a concept in your head to write about, you can write it and give it to someone else because it might not personally fit you, but it might be an idea you have. So with (Rihanna) that was an idea I had. I just wanted to go totally left and kind of weird, and that’s what I threw at her.”

Ever Wondered Why Chris Brown Gave 'Disturbia' To Rihanna?
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Chris Brown And Rihanna Now

Chris and Rihanna have now gone their separate way after their second break up. They have grown in their personal and professional lives after their breakup. Chris has two children- Royalty and Aeko with two different mothers. Rihanna, on the other hand, is preparing for her next album which she says is an absolutely insane one.

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