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Everything About Hunter X Hunter Season 7- Will It Happen?

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Hunter X Hunter Season 7

The HUNTER x HUNTER series got a reaction from the audience.

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This show managed to earn a following on the basis of the manga series by Yoshihiro Togashi. This sequence is full of knowledge and creativity, and that’s why fans are in love with this sequence.
Today ‘s fans are pleased with the popularity of the series for the forthcoming season of Hunter x Hunter. We’ll take a look at some of the series’ specifics in the following post. Let us take a look at the piece ‘s content.

Hunter X Season 7 Release Date

There is no formal confirmation of the year and optimistic crowds from the manufacturers of the series; we can understand that the new season will arrive in 2021. Let’s wait for confirmation of Hunter x Hunter season 7. The manga is far from done, according to Mr. Togashi, and he wished to have a fitting ending. For the fast coming of the new year, we can expect.

The Hunter Season And Its Plot

One of the most iconic anime series released in the ’90s is Hunter X Hunter.
Hunter X Hunter is based on a manga series, much like most anime series. It was started in early 1998 by Yoshihiro Togashi.
In 1999, the manga series was first translated into an anime and ended after a brief run. In 2011, another Hunter X Hunter anime series was released by Madhouse, which ended after six long seasons in 2014.

The English dubbed version of the Toonami series was released in April 2016.
The demand for season 7 became even greater after season 6 of the English version ended in Toonami as well.

The story’s plot revolves around Gon Freecss, a young child. He learns that one day his deceased father is in fact alive. He also discovers that his father, Ging, is a legendary “Hunter,” apparently. Hunters are people who have shown themselves to be an elite part of society. They are licensed professionals who specialize in fantastic activities such as finding unusual or unidentified species of animals, surveying unexplored enclaves, searching for artefacts or hunting down lawless people.

In order to fulfil his own dreams, Ging left his son with his relatives. But Gon becomes determined to follow in the footsteps of his father. He is eager to pass the rigorous Hunter Test, seeking his father and becoming a Hunter on his own in turn. Gon meets several other Hunters on his way to becoming a Hunter and experiences the paranormal.

Cast Of The Show

Instead of getting the old cast from the 1999 series to reprise their roles, the series had a whole new set of cast. The cast:

Erica Mendez as Gon Freecss
Mariya Ise as Zoldyck Killua
Erika Harlacher’s as Kurapika
Chun Greg as Zepile
Among others, Chisa Yokoyama asΒ  Biscuit Krueger.

The Question Arises Whether Season 7 Will Happen?

Unfortunately for fans, as of the moment, the chances of the anime series returning for season 7 remain slim. Madhouse has not revealed any plans to renew the new seasons for Hunter X Hunter yet.

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Instead, they are now busy with other projects, and last year they released several anime series and movies. It’s also worth noting that the source material for an anime adaptation has already been depleted by the past seasons. In the future, if enough source material is available, maybe Madhouse will be more than ready to pick up the season 7 anime series.

It will most likely take some time for creator Yoshihiro Togashi to produce more manga for Hunter X Hunter in the rather sad news. Reportedly, the mangaka suffered from severe mental health problems that affected his work. Due to the popularity of his job, the mangaka has been under extreme pressure. So far, he is reportedly still recovering.

Togashi, however, has expressed extreme commitment to finishing Hunter X Hunter. The legendary author does not want his audience to be disappointed. His wife (creator of Sailormoon) is reportedly asked to complete Hunter X Hunter if he dies.

There are currently 36 volumes of the Hunter X Hunter manga series, with the last one published in 2018. The past six episodes remain untapped for four of these volumes and may serve as the source material for season 7.

These four books, however, have not completed the arc of the Dark Continent. Thus, fans have to wait until the remaining chapter is published by Togashi.

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