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Everything About The New Google Pixel 4a: Check Out Features, Price, Release Date, Everything

Everything About The New Google Pixel 4a: Check Out Features, Price, Release Date, Everything: The Google Pixel 4a launched on 3rd August 2020. Despite its launch, global buyers are still waiting to get that in their country. This extended wait is torturing for the rest of the buyers.


After it’s launch, Google opted for a more staggered launch in global markets for the Pixel 4a. So, you have to wait a little longer for the affordable Android phone.

They followed the same path as Google Pixel Buds, which got launched in the States in early April, and later in mid-July headed out to broader global markets.

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There is no unique detailed information about the Google Pixel 4a release date. Pre-orders are open now on Amazon, the Google Store, and Best Buy. It is said to be available in the United States by 20th August.

Rest of us from Spain, Australia, Singapore, France, Italy, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, and Japan have to wait a while before we get our hands on the new phone.

Anyone who has joined the official waitlists is getting emails for the sales of the new Google Pixels 4a. However, shipping will start from the first week of October.

All the accessories, along with the fantastic fabric cases, are ready to be shipped.

Google Pixel is a good, affordable phone, with a good camera, quality software and guaranteed updates.

In the States it is available in only one colour, one size and one storage configuration, costing $349.Β  With that cost, it is a good phone for day-to-day use, with added reliable and functional features.

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