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Everything You Need To Know About “The Last Of Us 2”

New Game: The Last Of Us 2
Source: NaughtyDog

The Last Of Us 2: Sony Entertainment is releasing the second instalment of “The Last Of Us” on 19th June 2020. Just like the first part, the second one is releasing on PlayStation 4.

The first game which released in 2013 gained massive success throughout the world. It won many awards including “Game of the Year” from various publications.

What Is The Game About?

Similar to the first instalment, this story revolves around a teenage girl Ellie who comes into contact with a mysterious cult in the post-apocalyptic United States of America.
Now, 19-year-old Ellie lives peacefully with Joel in Wyoming until mysterious things start happening again. The game falls into the horror genre and is from a third-person point of view. New Game: The Last Of Us 2
Source: Playstation
The players can use firearms, bows, weapons and stealth to survive. The game is similar to the Uncharted series on PlayStation. The main task is to defend themselves from the hostile humans and cannibals infected by Cordyceps fungus.
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The trailer of “The Last Of Us 2” released on 10th June 2020 and the excitement of the gamers was on par. Some fans started making theories regarding the story of the second instalment. Halley Gross and Niel Druckmann have co-written the game.

Sources say that the game designer Em Schatz said that Ellie is one of the most complex characters in a video game. It resounds with the reality her character portrays and gives an insight into a tough but a teenage girl with everyday problems.

The New Game: The Last Of Us 2
Source: NME

In the above photograph, some have said that Ellie is pregnant and the guitar which she plays hides her baby bump. In the first half of the game, the user controls Ellie but in the second half its Abby. The plot leak is that Joel dies at the hands of Abby.

Release Date and Estimated Price:

In 2016, the makers announced that the second instalment of “The Last Of Us” was on the way. Since then, the fans have been excited to play it. But, for the last few years, the game was delayed twice.

It was supposed to release in May but due to the ongoing Corona Vuris Pandemic, the release delayed. But, new dates have surfaced; the game is finally releasing on 19th June 2020.

The estimated price of this game is Rs 3,999/60$ and is available on Playstation’s main website.Β 

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