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Ex On The Beach Star Melissa Reeves Has Given Birth To Her Baby Girl, After Spending Three Days In Labor!

Ex On The Beach Melissa Reeves
Ex On The Beach Melissa Reeves

Melissa Reeves First Baby

Ex On The Beach is a British reality television series. So, on MTV, the show will be on screens. Melissa Reeves plays one of the main characters in the show. Recently, Melissa has given birth to her first girl child after three days in labor. Also, this reality TV show star has posted regarding this issue through her Instagram account. At the age of 26, Melissa has given birth to her first baby after spending three days in labor.

Melissa Reeves Baby
Melissa Reeves Baby

So, through her Instagram post, she said that Melissa was feeling so happy and blessed to have her kid. Also, she posted that on 24 May 2020 her world was changed with her baby, who has arrived right on the due date. Melissa said that she couldn’t describe her love for her little angle. She shared this information with fans, with a picture on the hospital bed and holding the baby in the arms.

Melissa Reeves Baby
Melissa Reeves Baby

What’s On Instagram Post?

Melissa has added that she has spent three days in labor and then delivered her baby through a C-section. Also, she said that the baby is big and doctors have suggested for c-Section, as it is better for her. However, Melissa is posting her updates in the hospital to her fans through her Instagram official account.

Also, she has posted a story of her while having the signs of labor. Her waters have not broken and doctors performed a sweep on Melissa. So, a move intended to bring on labor, to speed her delivery.

Melissa Reeves Baby
Melissa Reeves Baby

Other Details

So, this baby of Melissa is a brief romance with the football player Danny Simpson. But, neither of them has officially revealed that Danny is the father of that newborn baby. Also, Danny has already a daughter, with his ex-girlfriend, Stephanie.

Earlier, in March 2020, Melissa has revealed regarding her first baby. Also, she shared her baby bump in the leopard print bikini. So, the post on her Instagram is with the caption “Mini-me coming summer 2020”. But, sports star has promised to support her financially and emotionally, with their parental plans. Melissa acted in Ex On The Beach as Gaz Beadle’s ex.


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