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Exhilarating CEO’s Pawan Chaudhary and Vipin Chaudhary of VP Anokhi Media shares their two cents for budding entrepreneurs


The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney

This decade has seen an inexorbitant rise in start-ups, as the world becomes more open to new ideas and new products, more and more individuals dream their future to be in the entrepreneurship realm.

If someone begins their journey in this tech driven online world and goes about honing their skills as and when required, it can open massive avenues for the individual to multiply his growth, post which, an individual amasses the required exposure to fit the bill as an entrepreneur.

This ideal road has been trudged by the dexterous founders of the pathbreaking venture, VP Anokhi Media, namely Pawan Chaudhary and Vipin Chaudhary who have proved their mettle by spearheading a team of 22 digital marketing specialists and leading by example for those aspirational entrepreneurs who wish to begin their stint in entrepreneurship.

From the alleys of Jaipur where the firm is located to clients worldwide, these young entrepreneurs have had a remarkable experience in the realm of entrepreneurship and in rising as the most reliable digital solutions agency for each individual and business needs.

Apart from VP Anokhi Media, Pawan Chaudhary has stake in various other ventures such as the music video creation company, Nohara Music Entertainment Private Limited.

A 17 year old who began with a smartphone from his hometown in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh has today become the CEO at an exceptional digital marketing agency, Pawan Chaudhary has taken a giant leap with courage, it is his 8 years of perseveranceΒ  that has helped him build a personality that is looked upto by many.

In a bid to understand the key challenges on being an entrepreneur, we take stock from this foresighted entrepreneur duo on their two cents on the various aspects on entrepreneurship and on their top learnings for budding entrepreneurs who wish to lead by example –

Make plans and fallback options –Β  As much as there are chances to succeed in an adequately planned startup, there is a similar likelihood of failing and not being able to keep up with the overwhelming demands of a new business.

According to the founders of VP Anokhi Media, one must have resources and plans as a backup option incase the pre decided plans don’t work out even after your best attempts, having a backup option will keep you afloat and in high spirits to take the upcoming challenges heads on.

Be confident and conscious about your surroundings- Being an entrepreneur means that you need to have confidence and faith in your abilities so that you can lead your team and business confidently but that doesn’t mean that you keep yourself on the sky, ‘You can only lead a team when they look upto you, that means, you should be grounded and close to reality, if you keep yourself on a very high pedestal, chances are that you wouldn’t know what is happening below you and things might collapse’, says the digital marketing stalwart Vipin Chaudhary.

Monitor your plans and be positive – Constantly monitoring the scope of your plans helps you stay upbeat during any unprecedented events, Pawan Chaudhary reiterates that one of his biggest lessons from entrepreneurship is that anything can happen which can be opposite to your calculations,’Some days you will work on your dream projects and on some days you will have to rework your strategies, entrepreneurship means trying everything and then coming up with what works the best for business’, adds Pawan Chaudhary.

To sum up, the duo believe that they have been able to taste such indomitable success because they never gave up on their passions and continued taking each opportunity before venturing out, these instances gave them the experience of running a smooth business and scaling it to the pedestals that VP Anokhi Media has reached today.

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