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Extra Unemployment Benefits Set To Expire On 25th July!

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Source: News Break

Extra Unemployment Benefits Set To Expire On 25th July!:Β TheΒ unemployment benefit is going to expire on 25th July. It has led to people thinking about the United States government’s plans for the citizens. The federal lawmakers are yet to decide what they want for unemployed citizens.

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Let us get into the details of the extra unemployment benefits.

The Unemployment Benefits

As of now, around 1 million unemployed Americans are getting $600 a week through the CARES Act for the COVID Relief fund. However, this has led to the citizens not working and living off their benefit money.

The CARES Act reinstated in March during the advent of Coronavirus Pandemic. Just a few weeks back, the officials realised that despite them giving people money, they weren’t ready to work; that’s when they decided to cap the unemployment benefits.

Nonetheless, they announced that soon another act is going to get listed which will not exceed the wages.

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Tom CarperΒ  On TheΒ  Benefits

Tom Carper is a US Senator. He told that the lawmakers are figuring out how to support people who no longer have jobs, but are the backbone of the economy. He said:

“We are not going to leave it at $600 a week for everyone across the country who is on unemployment insurance. But let’s figure out which states are most hard hit, where the unemployment is highest and make sure they get some additional help from the federal government on unemployment insurance as well as their own states’ unemployment insurance fund.”

Source: News Break

On the small businessΒ side, around 12,000 Delaware businesses have applied for payroll protection grants. The best way to protect the economy is by prioritizing the families of small business owners.

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The USA Is Bankrupt?

Let’s be real the USA’s economy has been shot down in the previous years. Moreover, with the advent of the global pandemic, it is difficult for people to get out of their houses without the risk of getting infected.

It is one of the reasons why the government came up with the CARES Act for COVID relief. However, the misuse of this fund is enough for America’s economy to spur down. But, with the new fund coming, we expect that it benefits the families of those who can’t earn and are in containment zones. Let us know your ideas and assumptions for the new relief fund!

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