F8 conference canceled ! Facebook Cancels For The Second Time F8 Conference

Coronavirus Update! Facebook Cancels For The Second Time

F8 conference canceled

Facebook is found by the great Mark Zuckerberg. It is an American social media and technology company. It is based in Menlo Park, California. When it was introduced, it almost took the hearts of people.

It was a famous and most used social networking site at that period and this time too.

It was reported that Facebook cancels the F8 developer conference due to Concerns on the spread of Coronavirus. This is not the first time Facebook is canceling any conference due to the scare of COVID-19.

This is the second biggest event that is canceled by Facebook. Recently Facebook also canceled Mobile World Congress 2020. This was supposed to be held on February 27, in Β Barcelona.


Facebook And annual F8 developers conference

Facebook specially reported that they purposefully canceled the event, which was going to be held on May 5 and 6 in San Jose, California, 2020. Because of Facebook backing out, the event may be presenting video presentations and local events.

This was a difficult situation and decision for the Facebook company. This wan an important event for Facebook, and it was facebook’s one of the ways to celebrate with everyone around the world.

The chance of 2020 celebration is just over now. Folks’ health is more crucial than a celebration.


Facebook And Its Decisions

Facebook announced that it prioritizes the health and safety of its developer partners, employees, and everyone who helps put F8 on. However, Facebook announced that it would locally host the video event.

It reported that it would do it best to use another way to bring the community to bring together. Facebook blogs say that they will keep updating about the details on the plans for F8 in the coming weeks.

On this note, it is reported that many other companies have backed out from the Game Developers Conference, which was going to be held in March 2020.

A few days back, Facebook restricted its employees from traveling to China, South Korea, and parts of Italy. Even Apple closed its retail shops in China.

Coronavirus had created a lot of cancellations as health is more important than the conferences or the events.


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