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Facebook Ban Ads Discourage Vaccine Usages For Covid-19

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Facebook On Covid-19

COVID-19 is taking over the world since earlier this year. It’s been nearly 7 to 8 months; there is no vaccine for the virus that could come up with a definite result. Several trials are going on. The entire world is having a tough time dealing with the pandemic.

Though many countries working day night to discover a vaccine against Covid-19 till now, there seems no success. As the virus grasps the whole world, social media platforms are also filled with different opinions. Of course, not people from every nook and corner will react the same way, but there should not be any negativity over this.

Β Facebook Ban The Ad Discourage Vaccination

Facebook recently decided to stand against negativity and will ban any ads that discourage the use of vaccines. Yes as the pandemic is growing all over, there are lots of unpopular facts coming out from the netizens of the world. Out of which some are discouraging vaccine usages over social media platforms. They are not taking the disease seriously and risking the lives of many, including themselves.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms across the world and easily accessible. And also the most number of users, thus people use mostly this platform to share this kind of fake ad or news.

Other Projects By Facebook On Covid-19

Recently Facebook found out that many such discoursing ads are being circulated among facebook. The authority is observing this very closely and believe that it will create unnecessary hoax among the users. It might lead to risking one’s life.

Facebook ban

Facebook decided not to tolerate such ads anymore and ban them immediately. They will also launch paid by a feature which will help them to identify the user behind the irrelevant ad. Rob Leathern and Kang-Xing Jin, The social media company’s head of health, announces the decision on a joint post.

They will immediately block the ads to discourage people from taking the vaccination. Facebook also soon to start a new project to show up the details on the vaccine. They will also launch campaign incorporation with the WHO to spread awareness. Indeed a significant step by the popular social media platform, Facebook.

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