Facebook Begin Labelling State Controlled Media Posts, And Will Hunk Ads!

Facebook: The Social Media App

Facebook is not an unknown app, and most of us use this app quite commonly. As a Facebook user, you must know how difficult it is to control your posts. Though that has been provided with a bunch of privacy features and also managing settings, it still seems difficult.

On the other hand, Facebook is also quite a wonderful app to stay connected to. Almost everyone around you uses Facebook and has an account on this site. People can do a lot of things, such as upload pictures and even share them from someone else’s post.

You can send videos pictures, and even video call some other users from this app. Facebook is always trying to make it a better place. Therefore Mark Zuckerberg had also introduced new messenger kids for safety purposes.

State Controlled Media Posts
Facebook makes sure to label posts.

Such updates are not very uncommon because FB makes sure to take care of its customers.

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Labels For State Controlled Posts

Recently Facebook came up with the wonderful idea of introducing labeled posts. We know how difficult it is to recognize that what post is made by what kind of account. Sharing pictures and videos is easy, and free people share a lot of misinformation also.

Therefore the labeling of posts will allow Facebook to make sure that the viewers know the source of the entire content. This source will actually help in uncovering a lot of fake as well as real information. Similarly, the state control accounts such as Russia and China have also been included in the top list.

State Controlled Media Posts
Facebook Updates

Any post made by them can be immediately recognized as Facebook will label them accordingly.

Some Other Steps Taken

Facebook is also taking a bunch of other steps in order to control the harmful reading of information. Such as anti-vaccine posts and fake news. Therefore if you use this app, always be careful. Make sure to spread only Legit information.

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