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Facebook Removes Donald Trump Group Organizing Violent Protest !

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Facebook Removes Pro Donald Trump Group

Facebook recently removed a group of that was supporting Donald Trump. The group was called Stop The Steal and had 360,000 members. The election is not going in the favor of Donald Trump anymore. He is expected to lose anytime soon. However, before losing, he started accusing Biden of stealing votes and committing fraud in the election. Hence, the Stop The Steal group claimed these news to be true without any evidence and this forced Facebook to remove the group for spreading false news. Moreover, the group was getting out of hand as it was calling for protest and violence.

Facebook Donald Trump
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Facebook Spokesperson Makes Official Statement On Removal Of Pro Donald Trump Group

Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone made an official statement stating the cause for removal of the Pro Donald Trump group. Even he highlighted that the group was disregarding the denouncing the election process. Moreover, it was also paving way for organization of violent protest. He said, “The group was organized around the delegitimization of the election process, and we saw worrying calls for violence from some members of the group.”

Donald Trump Group Make A Group Outside Facebook

Stop The Steal members anticipated that Facebook would remove their group. Hence, the entire population of 350k people went outside Facebook to form a group on another website. Moreover, this website has no affiliation to Facebook and so they can do nothing about it. The news from NBC said, “Anticipating a Facebook ban, ‘Stop The Steal’ drove users to a separate website with no Facebook affiliation, allowing the 350,000 users that had already showed interest to organize events without regulation from Facebook.”

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Donald Trump On The Verge Of Losing Election

Donald Trump is on the cusp of giving away his reins as Biden inches closer to the 270 electoral college mark. Trump’s lead in other states is also shrinking and more seats will go in the favor of Biden. With no other way, Trump is accusing Biden of fraud.

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