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Facebook To Pay $3.5 Per Month To U.S Users For Sharing User Information

Facebook: Community Help Feature

The giant technology company, Facebook, is found by Mark Zuckerberg, along with fellow Harvard College students. It is an American based technology and social media company.

It recently also came up with certain programs limited to certain selected users to work upon its voice-based feature. In addition to this, it is reported that the company has to pay $3.5 per month to the U.S.

Different countries’ values on their private information are different. This is because of the different cultures and perspectives towards concepts.

Within a country, different people staying at one arena have different ways of seeing a concept. Then why not change across countries?

Facebook is paying the amount to the U.S. users for sharing the contact information.


Worth Of Your Privacy In Facebook

Any technology will be a success if it fulfills your needs. This is only possible if the developer understands users, so he/she needs your information. Data plays a significant role. Facebook will now pay you for your voice recordings

The person with the data is powerful in new media.

The company pays U.S. users per month for permission to share their contact data. They share it with third-party advertisers and then sell that information wholesale.

We have heard a lot of Data scandals within these few years. Mark stated that “the future is private.”


Facebook And Data From Other Countries

German Facebook users demand a company for 8$ per month to share their contact information. Whereas U.S. users seek only 3.5$.

The study based on the U.S. shows that TPI( Technology Policy Institute) is the first to try to understand the value of online privacy and data.

It shows how, according to the habits of people in six countries, they worth the privacy. The six countries include the United States, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, and Argentina.

It explains the concerns on how the data has been collected and monitored by technology platforms to retailers.

For privacy violations, the U.S. regulators have imposed heavy penalties on Facebook.

It has been researched and noted that on average, technology platform has to pay consumers differently according to the kind of information needed.

The platform has to pay consumers a monthly $8.44 to share their bank balance information, $7.56 to share fingerprint information, $6.05 to read an individual’s texts, and $5.80 to share information on cash withdrawals.

So be ready to share your information also which we have treasured.


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