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Facebook, Twitter Can Be Sued Under Trump’s New Executive Order!

Facebook And Twitter Can Be Sued Under Trump's New Executive Order Soure: TechRadar

Donald Trump has certainly been a busy man since the beginning of 2020. The outbreak of the COVID-19 has disrupted operations and industries in the U.S. As America tackles the pandemic, unemployment is rising by the minute. In addition to that, the death of George FloydΒ has led to violent protests across several cities in the U.S.A.

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With the Presidential Elections in the offing, President Trump is trying his very best to sustain and ensure a second term. The US Prez hasn’t been the most favourite when it comes to social media. He is facing immense criticism and rage over his current actions to control the Black Lives MatterΒ protest. However, Trump has also hit back hard in person as well as on Social media.


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Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Social Media Giants

Over the past couple of months, Trump has found himself in a social war against social media giantsΒ Facebook and Twitter.Β After the Twitter fact-check row, the President has come down on social media industries. He has also issued a stern warning to Facebook concerning the upcoming 2020 Presidential Elections. Though Trump’s campaign team spend a huge amount on social media campaigns, the latter hasn’t been kind when the spotlight is on him.

The President has signed an executive order against social media giants after the Twitter fact-checking row a few days.


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Facebook, Twitter Can Be Sued Under Trump’s New Executive Order!

A new order from President Trump may hold social media platforms responsible for user content. The President ordered a review of the law that had shielded Twitter, Facebook, andΒ Google.Β Earlier, Twitter had tagged Trump’s two tweets on e-mail voting with a fact-checking warning label.

Source: TechRadar

A fact-checking warning label notifies users that the content put out may or may not be true.

What Is The Newly Signed Executive Order?

According toΒ Reuters,Β the draft copy of the order has already been finalized. The executive order will seek clarification onΒ Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act.Β Simultaneously, the act exempts online platforms from legal liabilities for user content.

Source: The New York Times

Such a move can make social media companies vulnerable to more lawsuits. Facebook CEOΒ Mark ZuckerbergΒ criticized Twitter and said that social media companies shouldn’t be the ‘arbiter of truth’. Similarly, Twitter CEOΒ Jack DorseyΒ has also hit back at Zuckerberg for his remarks. Along with that, Dorsey said that Twitter would continue to highlight incorrect or contradictory information about the U.S Elections globally.


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