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Facebook: University Research Shows Security Risks Of Logging In With The Social Platform


We are living in an era of social media. We all are use apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so many. Through this, we like to share our moments with our friends and society. These apps make our life easy but they also put our data on risk. The latest university research shows security risks of logging in with the social platform like Facebook.

Social Media Platforms

Human likes to live in with companies. In life, if busy schedule meeting with friends, aware of surroundings is not quite easy. Hence people use social media platforms like Facebook and all to connect with people. People update their photos, travel details and many things on these media platforms.

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Security Risks With Social Media Platforms

In this era of social media, our Privacy becomes Myth. All those things we update on social media platforms get in the public domain. Hence it’s become accessible for all people. These platforms have our data and it makes them too powerful. As Facebook expands his network now he became more powerful than ever.

As par some theories sometimes if we notice these site and apps reads our actions. Like if we talk to buy a mobile suddenly Facebook or other apps will show us ads accordingly. This happens almost every time just we did not notice this. This is a kind of data breach.

Security Rick With Facebook Login

When we visit third party apps or sites they ask to login. We easily choose to with Facebook login option. Apps like Spotify, tinder, PUBG and more. According to university reports, these sites and apps track our data. They use our Facebook details to modify their apps and services. But it increases our security risks. Facebook was also blamed for shearing private details with their joint ventures. In the USA there is scrutiny going on Facebook for a data breach. Let’s wait for future updates.

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