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Facebook Video Calling Is Rolling Out A Suite Of New Products To Expand Its Capabilities In Video Chat!

Facebook is going to get new video calling rooms

Facebook Revamps Video Chat Features

Facebook video calling is one of the most efficient ways to connect with people around the world. Many social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. provide this facility to the users.

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However, Facebook is now rolling out a suite of new products to expand its capabilities in video chat.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Confirmation

CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirms the video chat in a Facebook Live presentation on April 24. We all know that the coronavirus pandemic prevents meeting in person. So, Facebook is coming up with several video chat features to help people stay connected at this time.

Messenger Rooms

Messenger room is a tool for starting virtual hangouts. It can hold up to 50 people at a time. This platform even allows your friends to drop in on you whenever they like. On the contrary, a company’s blog post tells something interesting too. It mentions that there will be no limit to the video chats from now on.

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What About WhatsApp And Instagram?

However, since Mark holds the authority for even WhatsApp and Instagram, we can expect some modifications in them too. There is news that its also doubling the capacity of video calls on WhatsApp from four people to eight.

It is even adding Facebook video calling to Facebook Dating and new live-streaming features to both Facebook and Instagram.

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Reason Behind The Idea

As we all know, Covid-19 pandemic has forced hundreds of millions of people to stay indoors. People are now relying on digital tools for nearly all of their work, school, and play. So, the reason behind taking such moves is the current pandemic outbreak.

Introducing Group Video Chat in Messenger | Facebook Newsroom

It also supports creators and small-sized businesses. Facebook plans to add a feature that will let them charge for access to live-streamed events on Facebook Live. Some of those include online performances, classes and professional conferences.

Privacy And Security

Coming to the messenger rooms, users can create Rooms and control them in several ways. They can even choose who is allowed to join, limit the number of participants and remove them.

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Presently, more than 700 million people are making calls on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp every day. So, we can be sure that there will be proper measures taken to ensure people’s safety.

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