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Facial-recognition Searches on Millions of Maryland Driver: ICEs

Facial-recognition Searches on Millions of Maryland Driver: ICEs

ICE is referred to as Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, its a federal law enforcement agency.

It is responsible for immigration and customs enforcement with the role of countering transnational crime.

Recently ICE has run facial-recognition searches for millions of Maryland drivers.

According to the reports gathered for the first time without permission from the state or the court, ICE got permission to run facial-recognition searches on millions of Maryland driver’s license photos.

Because of this, immigrants and the privacy activists fear that they would target the immigrants who seek driver’s licenses after 2013.

This had gone beyond something which other states allow. The state granted a special driving license for undocumented immigrants.

The Situation

In a letter written in November, it has been told by the Maryland officials that ICE officials since 2018 have searched for their driving license database at least 100 times.

It was reported that Kevin Combs, and Gov. Larry Hogan, who wrote the letter from the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, did not provide any other details about ICE access.

Since 2013, when the state became the first in the East coast which allowed undocumented immigrants to obtain a license. Also, there was no need to provide proof of legal status.

Since 2013 more than 275,000 such licenses have been issued all over the state.

ICE And The Technology

ICE officially now has access to run through photographs of an unknown person using the system. The technology now under them allows them to view if an undocumented immigrant has returned.

The spokesperson of ICE Dani Bennett that the agency is using the searches for investigations involving child exploitation or cybercrime.

The system database has photos, names, addresses, and other personal information of almost seven million drivers all over the world.

The grant of a license is viewed as a big victory by immigrant rights advocates. Whereas some others consider the battle of getting a license to the undocumented immigrants is considered as spam.

Maryland people wanted this to be applied because, according to them, granting a license will boost road safety. The safety will arise after a driver-safety test and insurance coverage.

Having a license was better in the past, but now it has increased vulnerability.

Now it’s the sate’s responsibility to make sure that the trust is not lost.




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