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Kylie Jenner with her gossip boyfriend

Fai Khadra @Bongumusa Mahlaba

Β The real identity of Bongumusa Mahlaba is Fai Khadra who has been famed in twitter as Bongumusa Mahlaba.

Born in Palestinian lineage but raised in Dubai. He is a Palestinian 28 years old model, musician, and internet influencer. Khadra’s true passion is the music that seems in Instagram bio “In music we trust”, possessing an awesome set of his mixes on his SoundCloud.

His father is an art collector and Fai’s mother, Rula owns the upscale lifestyle boutique in Saudi Arabia with the name The Art of Living. Simi and Haze were his twin sister have been at famous fashion week and have parlayed their internet fame to start a career as a DJ duo.

His Fashionable Gateway To Utah Desert

Is Fai Khadra Dating Kylie Jenner?

Recently, Kylie Jenner shared various photos of her Utah vacation on an Instagram story. Khadra seems in several snaps seen as hanging in the pool, climbing. As Fai joined Kylie and Kendall, and some of their other friends to tour the Amangiri resort placed at Canyon Rock.


Kendall Jenner -“They Don’t Date, But He Is Her Date.”

Kendall Jenner is Fai Khadra’s long time good friends. Both together are usually found on multiple occasions. Once he stated that he should start a family with Fai is one of her snap. This immediately wonders the fans about something that is going romantic between both of them. Jenner posted a photo with Fai stating that “they don’t date, but he is her date”. This seems that Jenner is interpreting her relationship with Khadra.


Is Fai Khadra Dating Kylie Jenner?

One of the most popular faces, 22-years old beauty makeup mogul Kylie Jenner and Fai Khadra spotted arm in arm outside Bootsy Bellows night club in Los Angeles on June 7, 2020.

Recently, they both are spotted together in the Utad vacation. Both of them were staying silent on their relationship so far; neither of them was committed to there relationship status. It seems like nothing has changed between them, but they decided to take the next steps in their relationship status.


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