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Fake News Alert : RBI Has Not Banned Google Pay In India !

Google Pay
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RBI Says Google Pay Is Not An Authorised Payment System

RBI Has Not Banned Google Pay In India: Economist Abhijit Mishra had filed a PIL with the Delhi Hogh Court regarding the authorized payment systems published by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). However, one important name that was not on the list was Google Pay. As a clarification to the PIL, RBI gave a statement saying that Google Play does not operate as a payment system in India and therefore was not included in the list. Moreover, this news has acted against Google Pay.

Google Pay
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Twitter Trends With Google Pay Banned By RBI

After the response from RBI, WhatsApp messages started circulating about RBI banning Google Pay in India. Twitter was trending with GPay banned by R. However, the news circulating through social media messages is not true. RBI has not made any decision regarding banning Google Pay in India. However, people are falling for such fake messages and Twitter trends. This can lead to a large number of people uninstalling the app in India.

Google Issues Statement On False News Of Google Pay Ban

RBI Has Not Banned Google Pay In India: Google Pay India noticed the trend and came with an official statement. The statement said, β€œGoogle Pay operates completely within the law. We work as a technology service provider to partner banks, to allow payments via UPI. UPI apps in the country are categorized as ‘third party apps’, and are not required as ‘payment systems operators.” The statement also said, “All transactions made via Google Pay are fully protected by redressal processes laid out by applicable guidelines of the RBI/NPCI, and users can reach out for any help 24/7, through Google Pay customer care.”

RBI Has Not Banned Google Pay In India
Source: 9to5google

Google Pay India Spokesperson Issues Clarification

Google Pay India spokesperson shed some light on the meaning behind RBI’s response. He said, β€œWe would also like to clarify that all authorized TPAP’s are already bound by full compliance with all the regulations and applicable laws in India. UPI ecosystem is fully safe and secure, and we appeal to the citizens not to fall prey to such malicious news. We also request UPI customers not to share their OTP (one-time-password) and UPI Pin with anybody,”

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