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Famous Footballer And Star Neymar Jr tested COVID-19 positive with 2 other players.

Star Neymar Jr : News of three famous Paris Saint-Germain stars to have contracted the coronavirus have broken the internet. But what shocked people the most was the fact that one of the three stars was famous footballer Neymar Jr. Today evening, after the Champions League runners-up were announced several players tested positive.

The statement was released and confirmed by PSGΒ this evening that after the champions league, 3 of their players tested positive amongst which 1 was Neymar Jr.

Star Neymar Jr
Star Neymar Jr

After this news went viral, people flooded the celebrity’s comment section on social media. Showing their concern and wishing them to get well soon. According to the reports, all of the players and coaching staff will continue to undergo tests in the coming days. There will undergo many medical tests and medications followed by 14 days quarantine.

Initially, the only information released was the number of players that tested positive with the revelation of their names. However when contacted

By some source that had the insight, replied β€œyes” when asked if Neymar was one of those to test positive. The other teammatesΒ who tested positive were Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes, as had earlier been reported by French sports daily L’Equipe.

Why did the stars Test positive?

The case is definitely based on their travel trip to Ibiza for the Champions League final. Travelling and visiting during the pandemic comes with a cost, and for these stars the cost was high. They were mixing with friends and family after spending the previous weeks isolated in a secure sanitary β€˜bubble’ with teammates in Portugal.

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The players have been travelling a lot. Lately for their matches and games but now they are strictly isolated for no less than two weeks. They wouldn’t be playing any matches for almost a month now. Fans are more than concerned for these loved stars.


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