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Fans Are Not Interested In Blackpink’s Lisa And BTS’ Jungkook. Find Out Why?

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Blackpink’s Lisa And BTS’s Jungokook Relationship?

Currently, Blackpink and BTS are the two most well-known and globally performing bands from the K-pop dimension. Their outstanding songs have been breaking the web. People have been going crazier over them. Fans have been too anticipating and dreaming about BTS Jungkook and Blackpink Lisa to grow to be a pair. Them courting isn’t actual. However, followers have at all times been linking them collectively. Calling the couple β€œLizkook.” Well, that is only a fantasy, and nothing is ever coming true anytime quickly.

Both bands love the ‘superstar band’ status, and we’re just not surprised. Every group has one person who is always a bit more famous than the others. Jeon Jungkook and Lisa are the two individuals when it comes to BTS & Blackpink. They are also founders of their groups and have played an enormous role in defining themselves as some of the music world’s most prominent performers.
So what exactly is Jungkook and Lisa’s relationship?

Well, what will surprise you the most is the truth. BTS and Blackpink fans have always wished and hoped that Jungkook and Lisa were a real couple. But the truth is that their fans want to dream. Both Jungkook and Lisa were very polite to each other and exchanged pleasantries whenever they met at public meetings. But, sadly enough, the rumours are not real, as it’s just the fans’ wish.

Fans of both BLACKPINK and BTS, who have since been given the names BLINKS and ARMY, have seen Lisa and Jungkook a few times together. With their on-screen chemistry, several individuals wonder if they share a “secret romance.”


Better known by the mononym Lisa, Lalisa Manoban is a South Korean-based Thai rapper, singer and dancer.

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She is a member of YG Entertainment’s South Korean girl group, Blackpink.
With the single album Square One, Blackpink debuted with lead singles “Whistle” and “Boombayah.” Whistle “reached a flawless” all-kill “at the beginning, leading all South Korean charts.


Jeon Jung-kook, who is best known as Jungkook, is a singer and songwriter from South Korea. He is a member and vocalist of the boy band BTS in South Korea.

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The Billboard Music Awards 2020 practically kicked off the ceremony this year. Crowning K-pop boy band BTS for the fourth year in a row as ‘Best Social Artist’
After millions of fans around the world voted in their favour, beating other candidates such as EXO, GOT7, Ariana Grande, and Billie Eilish.

Netizens Do not Believe They Are Dating.

But not too long ago, there was information popping up, and lots of followers are going towards the thought. They are very a lot towards Lisa and Jungkook courting. After they have been nominated for Kid’s Choice Awards, many followers thought it was disrespectful as Jungkook and Lisa don’t even know each other. Even BTS and Blackpink haven’t had any collaboration as such.

Okay-Pop followers deny ‘Lizkook’ not just because they feel it’s rude, but also because many followers have begun to evade their privacy as a result. The ARMY believes that Lizkook can be disastrous and believes that it is essential to save their private life and particularly courting life secretly and provided proper privacy.

Lisa and Jungkook are not dating, sadly for the ardent shippers. They are not in a romantic relationship, and they do not even address whether they are friends. The publication noted that the label of the girl group, YG Entertainment, also has a “dating ban” on its talents, which includes all BLACKPINK members. The publication noted that the label of the girl group, YG Entertainment, also has a “dating ban” on its talents. The quartet’s main rapper is therefore not permitted to date the youngest member of the BTS and any other personalities.

And then Lisa and Jungkook as a pair may not happen at all.

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